2017 Spartathlon Preview (Women)

Ultraunner Joe Fejes is at it again with another round of predictions for Spartathlon, a 246-kilometre (153 mi) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1983, between Athens and Sparta. Here is his preview:

PatrycjaToss gender out the window in this one. Poland’s Patrycja Bereznowska world record 24 hour run in Belfast (259.991 km 24 hours) is proof positive that she can compete with the boys for the overall win. (Photo credit: Aneta Mikulska)

As far as the ladies go, her WR performance is more than EIGHT kilometers further than her youngster teammate Aleksandra Niwinksa (256.246 km) who took the silver medal and Belfast and is also running Spartathlon.

FEMALE Niwińska Aleksandra- Poland 2
Poland’s Aleksandra Niwinksa

Katy Nagy’s Spartathlon course record of 25:06 is in serious jeopardy. For comparison sake, at Belfast Katy ran a personal best of (250.622 km) which is almost 10 km behind Patrycja effort.

In a nutshell Patrycja’s Belfast performance is Kouroseque.

Polish teammates go 1 & 2, respectively and will likely be in the mix for the overall top 3–gender be damned. Patrycja may very well end up the 4th killer B and find herself battling it out with Ishikara.

Szilvia Lubics

Normally great deference would be given to my friend Szilvia Lubics who is a three time Spartathlon champion (2014, 2013 & 2011) with a personal best of 26:53. Experience goes far but I’m afraid the 25 km+ discrepancy between Szilvia’s 24 hour best (232.45 km) and Patrycja’s is just too great.


The scary thing is both Bereznowska and Niwinksa have the potential to run almost 3 hours faster (i.e SUB 24 hour). Szilvia does however step up to the podium with the bronze.

Germany’s Antje Krause is a good bet for the 4th slot having run. She placed 17th at the 2016 100k World Championship with a time of 8:32. She is a veteran prolific racer having competed in over 70 events since 2005, including more than ten 24 hour races.


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