2017 IAU 24 Hour World Championship – Women’s International Field Review

We asked JOE FEJES to put together a “Who in the World to Watch” Review for the 2017 World Championships in Belfast. in the individual competition, projecting this years rach is neaarly impossibe. The USA women are fielding their deepest team, but below are eight women who could all be in the mix for a podium finish. And as with the men’s competition, Cinderella  (in running shoes) can always come from nowhere.

Below is complete list of individual podium winners since 2001:

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.33.36 PM

Below is a breakdown of some of the top female 24 hour international athletes.  The listings below do not in anyway reflect Joe’s prediction of how a runner will perform in Belfast but rather for informational purpose based on each runner’s best-ever 24 hour performance. Runners listed below have met or exceeded 230KM (142.915 miles) in the previous three years and ranked accordingly.

Female - Patricia - Poland

BEREZNOWSKA Patrycja, age 41, 256.246 Lodz, 2017. Poland. Patrycja is the current 24 Hour World Record holder. Runner-up to Jansson at the 2015 24 European Championship and 5th place finish at the 2015 World Championship. Patrycja has continued to her dramatic year over year improvement in the 24 hour as evidenced by:

2014: 214.014,

2015: 233.395 & 238.197;

2016: 225.727, 241.633

2017: 256.246.

Patrycja has solid leg sped having run 8:00:56 in a 100k race in 2015.

Female Jannison - Sweden

JANSSON Maria, age 31, 250.647 in 2016 Albi France. Sweden. Maria is the defending European 24 Hour Champion. She also beat Bereznowska head to head prior two meetings. At the 2015 World Championship in Torin, Italy, she held off a late charge from Maggie Guterl and finished on the podium in third. She is tough and her training has been spot-on leading up to Belfast.

FEMALE Niwińska Aleksandra- Poland 2

NIWINSKA Aleksandra, age 31, 245.101 Lodz, 2017. Poland. Look out for Aleksandra–in addition to her 243.119 24 hour best, she also ran 139.512 km winning a 12 hour event earlier last year besting her teammate and 24 hour World Record holder Patrycja Bereznowska by more than 5 km.

KRAUSE Antje, age 45, 235.228. Speaking of Antje she placed 17th at the 2016 100k World Championship with a time of 8:32. She is a veteran prolific racer having competed in over 70 events since 2005, including more than ten 24 hour races. Her recent race results indicate favorable odds that she achieves a personal best in Belfast.

FEMALE - Matejczuk Agata

MATEJCZUK Agata, age 35, 232.285 Albi, 2016. Poland. Bronze medal winner at last year’s 24 hour European Championship behind Jansson and Bereznowksa. Agata also ran a solid 228.056 km earlier in April at Poland’s National 24 Hour race, finishing only behind her two teammates, Bereznowska and Niwińska.

Female - Jess Baker - UK

Baker Jess, age 35, 230.395  Canberra 2016. Great Britain. Jess appears to be an adventurer based on the events she has run.  In 2012 she rant the Atacam Crossing, the Gobi March China, Sahara Race Egypt and the Last Desert Antarctica. In 2013 she completed the Coast to Kosci ultramarathon. In 2017 she has focused on shorter ultras likely in preparation for Belfast.

FEMALE Oborne Jodie Australia

OBORNE Jodie, age 45, 230.244km in Turin 2015. Australia. Jodie finished 6th at the 2015 24 World Championship immediately behind Patrycia Bereznowska. Jodie has above average leg speed evidenced by her 21st placement at the 2013 Comrades (UP) when she ran 8:01. She has not had any significant race results in 2016 or 2017.

FEMALE Pascall Beth - Britain

PASCALL Beth, age 29, 230.088 London 2015. Beth is a relative newbie in ultrarunning having only begun in 2012.  She is however one of those creazy trail runners having won the super challenging Spine Challenger as well as the V3k Ultra Skyrunning race. She also had an impressive 8th place finish at last year’s IAU Trail 85k World Championship with a time of 10:41. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her score a personal best at Belfast.

There you have it! Thanks, Joe Fejes for the information and data. There are many team and individual story lines to follow starting Saturday at 12:00 (in Belfast). 7:00am EDT/6:00am CDT/4:00am PDT