10 Things I’ve Learned from the 24 Hour Run.

Laurie Paretti Dymond ran the NorthCoast24 Hour Endurance Run (US 24 Hour National Championship) last weekend and finished in 10th overall, 3rd female and won her age group. She currently holds the 7 and 8th fastest times on the current US qualification standard (minimum – 125 miles).

  • Laurie Dymond 135.503 Miles (218.070Km) 2015 North Coast 24 Hr, Cleveland, OH 9/20/2015
  • Laurie Dymond (2) 133..2217 Miles (214.399Km) Dawn to Dusk to Dawn 24 Hr, Sharon Hill, PA 5/15/2016

After the NorthCoast 24, she wrote “10 Things I’ve learned from the 24 hr run” and we had to share!

Photo credit: Stuart Siegfried; NorthCoast 24 Hour Endurance Run, Cleveland, OH 2016


1.)  You can do all the right training and your race may still suck. Note to self it’s really about the journey.
2.)  24 hrs seems long because it is, especially at 3am when you feel like the inside of a garbage can and you still have 6 hrs to go. You can hear each second tick by oh so slowly. It’s like waiting for 5pm on a work day, only worse.
3.)  Expect bad weather, heat, humidity hail wind and rain are all fair game. Suck it up buttercup. Just pack all your gear.
4.)  Foods and drinks you normally can tolerate will wreck havoc on your insides, desitin is your friend it’s not just for babies. So are Tums and pepto
5.)  Vomiting in a port o Jon is one of life’s worst experiences. It’s truly the lowest of the low. Get your butt out there and keep on running. It’s not a breakroom.
6.)  If you look awesome in your race pictures, your not working hard enough. It’s not about looking good, it’s about working hard. I know this from experience, as I have an entire collection of awful race photos.
7.)  People you normally love and respect will come to annoy you, especially when you are tired. Don’t keep track of who said what and why, just get moving. You probably annoyed them too with multiple and repeated requests for this or that. Be grateful.
8.)  You might imagine you are superman prior to the race, but it will bring you to your knees and remind you how very human we each are. It’s okay to be average and human. Who believes in the comics anyway. We need real hero’s so be your own hero and save yourself, go run or walk another lap.
9.)  You can always go a little further, you might not want to,but you can keep moving towards your goals. Sometimes it just takes longer. It has taken me forever to get where I’m going and I’m still not there yet.
10.)  You will meet some awesome and amazing people out there on the long run. Take strength from their courage. Acknowledge their efforts. We are all working towards something.  It’s better we do it together than seek self gratification. And remember when you lift others, you lift yourself too. Thank the race organizers, they spent months so we can do this.

One more, 11.) ….the full moon is beautiful at night. Enjoy it. Enjoy the journey.

Laurie Paretti Dymond


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